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Introducing the MXZ Series Multi-Split Outdoor Units
A whole range of air conditioning and heat pump solutions can be realised using the MXZ series multi-split outdoor units. State of the art inverter technology ensures energy saving operation and very low operational costs. Thanks to the heat pump function and an operating range down to -15°C outside temperature, even energy efficient heating is possible. The large selection of units in the capacity range from 3.0 to 18.0 kW cooling/heating capacity allows for exactly the right unit to be chosen with connection options of 2 to 8 individually controllable indoor unit models.
Large variety of indoor units
Up to eight different M series and Mr. Slim series indoor units can be connected to just one MXZ-8B outdoor unit to air condition any room on-demand and optimally. The outdoor units with 14.0/16.0 and 15.5/18.0 kW work in cooling and heating operation and can be supplied with 1-phase or 3-phase voltage supply.
Suitable for.Hotels,Hospitals,Restaurant,Schools,Offices,etc Save money and time.
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