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COOL-TECH ENTERPRISE is a "One Stop Air-Conditioning Solution Consultant" specialized in General Residential and Industrial Maintenance and Installation Services and etc. With today's busy lifestyle, most house and business owners have very little time for maintenance. Just one call does it all ! Our team of professionals will be there to solve all your individual/cooperate needs and wants.

At COOL-TECH ENTERPRISE Customer Service is our Priority. We are always ready to listen to your needs and offer solutions with cost effectiveness in mind. We Look forward to serve you soon!As our climate is becoming more and more unpredictable, hot weather spells are becoming more frequent and there is an increasing demand for air conditioning. It is now expected by most people that air conditioning is available as standard.
Air conditioning is an effective way of controlling the air inside a building, in terms of temperature, movement and cleanliness. It has been proved that a climate controlled, comfortable working environment enhances productivity and improves motivation. Customers will be encouraged to spend more time in an air conditioned premises and are more likely to return as well.Gone are the days when air conditioning was regarded as a luxury. Now, for many people, it is considered a necessary investment.

COOL-TECH ENTERPRISE provide installation and service maintenance of air conditioning systems.We pride ourselves on a fast, professional service by experienced engineers. We cater for all your Air Conditioning requirements – sales and service – from small /big domestic installations and home air conditioning repair to large/small commercial premises.

We install for all makes of air conditioning including SAMSUNG,L.G,NASCO,TURKUAZ,PIONEER,MACQUAY, and ETC, and with over 15 years of air conditioning experience, our consultants can advise you of a suitable system for your needs.


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