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    Maintenance & Contract Services of Air-conditioners  

.::Service, Breakdown & Call Outs
Air Conditioning can be a vital necessity to your business/homes. In the event of a break-down or fault, it can seriously alter the atmosphere of your business floor, Home or work place. COOL-TECH ENTERPRISE, offer a comprehensive call out service, should the worst happen. Maintenance Contracted clients can enjoy the benefits of call out as part of their agreement.

.:: Filter Cleaning
The most basic of air conditioning maintenance is to purely clean the internal fan coil filter, however here at COOL-TECH ENTERPRISE. We shall check the system performance, monitor the refrigerant pressure and running pressure, check the oil condition and level, deep clean the internal evaporator coil with specialist solutions.

.:: Take Advantage of our Maintenance Contract Services
COOL-TECH ENTERPRISE offer all our customers maintenance contracts, whether that be on systems we have supplied and installed or systems that the client has currently installed by others. Air Conditioning maintenance is very important in order to validate the manufacturer’s warranty, and increase the longevity of the systems life.

.:: Why choose an air conditioning maintenance contract with COOL-TECH ENTERPRISE?
Quick, efficient response within No time for contracted clients
proven track record in delivering optimum maintenance services to businesses, residential and industrial sectors.
Vast experience with all makes of air conditioning equipment

.:: Some things to consider regarding air conditioning maintenance
A compressor system loses around 35% efficiency each year if not regularly maintained. Thereby having an air conditioning maintenance contract in place, it has been noted that you can retain 95% of an air conditioning units efficiency! During our service our approved service engineers will check for loss of refrigerant, loss of refrigerant oil, wear on mechanical parts and check the system thoroughly. It has been noted that a 20% loss of refrigerant from an air conditioning system can cost an extra 35% to run compared to a correctly charged system!
If your air conditioning system is losing refrigerant on a frequent basis then this needs to be discovered and repaired due to strict new guidelines, And that’s what we stand for to help you save money for other better necessary things.

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